Friday, September 26, 2008

Best Ways For Teens To Make Money Now

Best Ways to Make Money For Teens This SummerBy []Zack Lee
It's hot out there and the pool slowly begins to be your best friend. For all you teenagers out there, I know you want to have fun and soak in the sun. However, I also know that you don't have money in your pocket but that is all about to change. I'm going to give you the tricks of the trade to make you money.
1- Ebay: From games, clothes, and anything you don't want, sell it on Ebay. You are going to make profits because you're parents bought it and now you want to sell it. I bought my Nintendo Wii and my parents bought me one for this summer so I had a fresh new one to sell. I made a profit of $100 dollars including shipping. Find anything to sell and I'm sure you'll sell it within 2-3 days.
2- Work: Not just any kind of work. I want you to work at a restaurant. Restaurants give out amazing tip depending how good you are. On average I made tip a day of $10-30 dollars a day. In addition, you also make your minimum wage which is now i think $7.75 cents here in Southern California. If you work at a more prestigious restaurant usually you'll pick up more tip.
3-Internet Marketing: Now this is for teenagers who can make loads of money if they are patient. Internet marketing is not for people who rush into it and see results. This takes time, but it will definitely be worth it. I'm currently an internet marketer and trust me I was foolish when I first started. I rushed things to quick and made no sales. So like i said, this marketing business is not for people who want to quickly earn money. It is not that easy. Conversely, the reward in the ending will be well worth your patience.
4- Save money: This might sound easy too, but try to save your money as much as you can. Set up your dates ahead so that you have a money to use on that day. If you have a date with a girl/boy then I suggest you save as much money and use it sparingly.
5- Parents: Just ask your parents for money. I wish I was a teenager, it was nice having allowances and more when you play with your friends. Parents will always give you money when it comes to going somewhere.
What if I told you that I have a secret formula that makes you rich through Google? What if I told you that I made $3000 dollars in 2 days? What if I told you that I'll give it to you right now? Go into my website and I will show you how to make that much. It's really just that easy.
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